Saturday, 25 June 2011

Post-mat triumph.

I'm SO happy.
This is the product of many hours of close to obsessional, not lets be truthful here, obsessional, looking on 'le bon coin'/ ebay etc. Having done some work on our kitchen, the finishing touch was sort of 'dresser' thing to stock our odd collection of pots in. Went through many era's, Deco, Louis the something, 70's etc. Eventually homed in on the 50's. I knew what I wanted but all the examples seemed to be in the North of France.
This searching must be a relic left over from my previous job as a stylist in the U.K (see older post). I get an idea, and it just sort of sits on my shoulder like a nagging parrot until I find the required thing...
Found this beauty on le B.C last week, quick nip in a van, and wander on the beach as an added bonus, and its here. Amazing...and it just fits in the space too. It was cheaper than the van hire, and I saved it from probably a slow death in a charity shop as I don't thing anyone else shares our 195060/70's meubles appreciation in the Aude.
Now on the look out for an interesting T.V stand....

Sunday, 19 June 2011

la more.

Another sad day for post-matism in the hothouse. Our ancient cow colored visa has finally made its last the casse auto. I swapped the visa for a painting about seven years ago and painted it after it passed its control tecnique. It made very regular trips over the mountain pass for months at one time despite our local garage saying it was not drivable (he had obviously never been to Cuba). Gradually over the years the engine has lost its power, now reduced to milk float speed it has become a little...embarassing...Ezra started requesting to be dropped off to college a long distance away...
As the next control tecnique is looming, the insurance reminder has arrived and how ever much wire I use, the bumper will not stay on, it was time.
This is a photo from the trip to the breakers, They paid me 50 euros, I walked away...not looking back....sob.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Dog pen.

The little runty dog (see featured mainly on hothouse blog) had his leg broken by the cat running into him......
he is not a very good example of making do. Has cost about 50 times more than the old recycled dog from the SPA, broken tail, bee eating incident, poison swallowing incident etc etc. ANYWAY, he is super on all other levels, and of course had to be mended properly, not with two sticks from the woodpile and a length of old string sadly.
Needing an enclosure to keep him in, I hunted at usual haunts, no baby play pens available, but made one out of these white wire baskets. Don't know the original usage of them but for a euro...can't grumble. Bit of wire, and voila, excellent articulated dog pen now adorning our terrace.

new life

Kettle previously featured with cork lid knob. Cork had limited life, after about six, kettle was fitted with wire lid knob. This was less satisfactory. Kettle was almost doomed when....saved by old curtain finial found in shed investigation.
Now celebrated in GOLD picture and trumpet fanfare (imaginary).